ecig ejuice Hawaiian White Guava by Virgin Vapor

50 pg 50 vg 12mg
I have never tried a Guava fresh. But it taste like a natural Guava taste with a hint of sweetness. It tastes like the Guava Passion fruit smoothy with no sweetener I get up the street.  It has a tropical taste. Virgin Vapor makes some of my favorite ejuice like there Vanilla, Creme Carmel, Lemonade and Pomegranate.  This juice is more like their Fig. It is a nice juice to change things up but not an all day vape for me.
It is a interesting flavor fusion between all the aspects of the guava taste. I vaped this juice using 3.5 ohm i06 atty that was reading around 2.9 ohm before I did the review. I was using the reo grand at 7.4 V. The batteries where freshly charged so I was getting around 8.2 v off them. So it is around 23 watts. The flavor was not burnt and because I was using a xtra long drip tip the vapor was not too hot. 
You can get this ejuice at Virgin Vapors. 

I got two samples although I really like this ejuice I would like people to comment on the blog. I got reports that some comments did not go through if there is a problem email me at ajy(dot)aaron (at sign) gmail.com with no spaces if there is a problem. I will use a random number generator and send out a goodie pack once I get to 5 ejuice that I can send out. Please no spam just questions and comments. If the commenter does not want the ejuice goodie bag I will run the random number generator again. Good luck. (If this is illegal in your area, you can not win sorry)