Electric Cigarette Juice contest for ejuice

As I pointed out here there is a contest running. Sorry for the technical problems. I am going to post reviews where I am going to give the ejuices away soon. I have 4 lined up. I talked about the contest here. I am going to expand it to a dozen ejuices instead of 5. I got the emails. Keep trying to send the comments. I changed the setting for comments and I think it might be a problem from a plug in I installed a while ago. Sorry for the problem. I will get the system up and working soon. And in responce to the email where some on was trying to comment this "Can you please do Russian subtitle videos soon?" on this thread.  Yes I will do Spanish and Russian. I don't know the languages but google translate is okay. I will figure out a way to easily to the subtitles or figure something out soon. 
Mean while I highly recommend the fruit juices from Virgin Vapor Goodie Juices natural tobacco extracts, and the Coco and Menthol from Halo E-Liquid.