Electronic Cigarette ecig forum in Israel EcigTalk.co.il Promo Video 1

Update This is the intro I made for the video reviews I do. Like it?
I know I have tons of international and Israeli visitors from my analytics page and the fact that my written stuff gets almost a thousand times more hit then my videos. I am relearning Apple Motion so in a month the videos will get way better and I will do subtitles for you guys. So in a month or two you might try a video or two. :P
A good guy and someone  I helped start out in vaping created a new forum in Israel. This is the first promo video because I could not say the hebrew words right and I think the video can be way better.  His site is EcigTalk.CO.IL Although I said some good things about some dekang juice the people there think all of it is the best not the exception. Wish there was a easy way to get US juice into the country to see what they are missing :P

Anyways these are the hebrew words I want to say but can't pronounce right.

"Mazal Tov Al ha-Atar ha-hadash
She E yea Beh-Hazlaha Arik, Dror, Alex Ve-Kolam !"

Here is a list of most of my reviews of ejuice, ecig mods, and accessories. :)