KBV Rice Krisitpy Treat from Kick Bass Vapor

I reviewed more of the Kick Bass Vapor line here. 
I wrote an update to this review here. 
24MG 60PG 40 VG
Update: After more vaping the 409 taste changed to a faint chemical taste. You can see what I think of the ejuice steeped now here.
I really enjoy Rice Crispy Treats. I like them nice a gooey. I think that comes from extra marshmallows. The Problem with this juice is there is a strange 409 maple taste that that ruins (IMHO) the faint gooey Rice Crispy Treat taste I get on the exhale at 7.4V and in both the inhale for 3.4V and 6V. At lower voltage the juice is a bit sweeter and more juicer. It is the perfect sweetness at 7.4V IMHO. It is a bit on the overly dry side but not too dry.
It just has a strange chemical taste at all the voltages. It was present even at extreme wattage with a LR atty on 7.4 V but it was not pronounced. The juice has been steeping for almost a year maybe it needs more time. At this point I can't recommend this juice. I will revisit the juice later maybe the taste will change.