List of all the ejuice I have reviewed

I have reviewed over 100 juices. I organized them by vendor. Figured out the spacing better but the font is still strange on the juices but the links all work to my knowledge. Sorry it took so long to update the list. I have spent days and some times weeks tying to figure out some juices. I have come up with my top 10 favorite ejuices. But I have tons of juices that I need to catch up on. Do you think I should post them under a different list stating that I spent hours on the juices not the usual days/weeks? I have a couple more juices that I have spent weeks trying to figure out. Going to post those reviews soon. After that I am going to try to do fast reviews. I got my ultrasonic, a lot of atties, geared up stay tuned :P Enjoy this list in the mean time as I hopefully fight off this cold for sure.