Shire Malt Pipe Sauce epipemods

Update: Here is another epipe juice I reviewed and liked better.
This juice has a ton of potential. It taste like a woody tobacco fuzed with malted toffee. I got it at vapefest in vegas last summer. It produces a good amount of vapor at higher voltages. At 3.7 and 6v the vapor is just okay. At 7.4 v the vapor production is great. It is sweeter at the lower voltages, but not too sweet. It has just a hint of sweetness at 7.4V. The fusion and flavor there are great. The problem is most of the time you get a syrupy taste. It isn't as bad as the tobaccos that don't work for me but it is close. It is a great taste when it hits right. The problem is the sweet spot is right next to a dry hit.

When you bottom feed you can get lucky and find the right spot right before dry hits but it is nearly impossible when dripping unless you like dripping alot because it is less then one drop. But when you find the sweet spot the flavor is nice. It is nasty when you don't. On cartos I just get the syrup taste. Keep in mind this juice has been steeping for almost a year. So I don't recommend it unless you are great and finding the sweet spot for juices by putting the exact amount of pressure on a bottom feeding device. The bottle is different. It is made of plastic yet it has a glass dropper.