TheVaporRoom Strawberries and Cream Ejuice 2x TVR

The video can be viewed here 
12 MG 50 PG 50 VG
I used a 2.4 ohm AVA and a 3.6 ohm i06 at 8.2-7.3V to review this juice. From now on I think I am just going to review juices at high wattage. Because I like how most juices taste and perform with medium to high ohm stuff at high voltages. You can find the a good wattage calculator here or through google.

TVR is strange. Alot of people recommend them I have most of there flavors and although I like their Cheese Cake I really did not like their Blue Cotton Candy as well as most of there other ones.

This juice tastes balmy, The flavors do not mix right.The strawberries are a candied not natural and the cream flavor does not fuse well with it. The flavor is a bit weak even on the double and the vapor production is not that great for a 50 50 mix. It just is not mixed well. I would recommend getting Vixen's "Tigers Blood" or Fuzion Vapor's "The edge" This juice is bellow 2nd rate to me. Keep in mind I actually liked DeKangs Katchup.
I am a huge fan of what this was trying to taste like. I just think they failed with this one I would stay away.

You can see the video review here.