Backwoods Brew Menthol Tobacco Medium

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After a year and a half the flavor is nice. It still is not a strong as the Mad Vapes DeKang Menthol. It just is a late late bloomer. It is okay if you plan ahead because I hear the nic starts to break down in ejuice 2-3 in. It is like BWB cappuccino  it just takes a long long time to get good.  It has a better tobacco base then the BWB Honey Flue nut or the BWB Melonbacko. It is smoky and nice it is almost like Wrangler Red from GoodieJuice. The menthol has a dry crisp taste. Even after a year and a half of steeping it is still way too water downed of a flavor for me. But if you like light menthol and a light tobacco taste this juice might be for you.