Goodejuice Chocolate Mint

18mg Extra VG Atomizer a HV AVA at 7.4v
I had really high hope for this juice. I vaped most of the bottle during the last couple days, so it is okay. It just is not mind blowing to me like my favorite tobacco ejuice Wrangler Red or my previous favorite Vita Bella, which are made from the same company. I get a hot chocolate taste with a hint of mint. The flavor is not in your face. It is a bit dry :( but not too dry. Some time it taste like a chocolate candy but not most of the time. Most of the time it tastes like hot chocolate. The throat hit is decent and the vapor is pretty good with the AVA, It seems not to clog up the atty even though the juice is a dark color. If you want a non clogging chocolate ejuice with a hint of mint and not the strongest flavor then this one is for you.