Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer for ecigs

This review is done by Darth Pony. I trust his views. He is extremely knowledgeable on ecigs. It is a great honor to be able to post his review. Here is his review of the Phoenix. Enjoy. 

I have had a couple weeks with the phoenix rebuildable atomizer. This review will be over the stock coil and wick and one I just built. When you first receive your phoenix it has a factory built coil in it. All you have to do is fill her up (which took about 15 drops of liquid, it has a generous juice well). I filled it up screwed on a 3.7v mod and it blew clouds of vapor. I decided to test further I put it on a ego nothing happened. OK well I went and dug out a 510-510 extender tried it again and boom clouds of vapor. So I dug out my trusty reo grand just for kicks, yup need a extender on that as well. I used it hard for two weeks waiting for the coil to go bad so I could try my hand with the silica. I had two other vapers try it, it choked them.

It preforms great lots of vapor decent flavor and it didn't seem to bog down like other disposable atomizers. I finally roached a wick my fault not the atomizers. So Today I sat down with my 32 aw kanthal wire and the silica wick. I used for wraps of the wire to yield a 1.35 ohm resistance. I did not dry burn the new wick at all I just got it wet and fired it. Bingo lots of vapor and heat. Flavor was good and it is fairly simple to rebuild took me all of minutes. 

The build quality is simply great. I have not had any leaking at all with it but this is like any other dripping atomizer if you over fill it, you will have excessive juice and low performance. It comes with a drip tip that is nothing special , a plain black delrin which is good because only one of my other drip tips fit it (if your like me and like the SS Ming tips your sol). 

Overall performance I give it a 5/5: It put plumes out and will choke your average vaper. Flavor is wonderful.
Build quality 4/5: It is machined very well and it doesn't leak. It would have Gotten a 5 if my drip tips would fit. I also feel if you used the wrong screw driver on the terminal heads you would strip the heads.
Ease of use 3/5: It is a rebuildable so it will will be a bit fiddly to rebuild the coils once you get that done it is a great dripping atomizer. Also the aspect of dripping doesn’t appeal to some.

I think this is great atomizer for those who are mechanically inclined. The rebuildable aspect makes it cheap to rebuild. The performance is right where it should be. I would recommend this atomizer to anyone who was willing to rebuild it.