US MADE attys AVA ceramic atomizers second look

I want to update my opinion on this review. I ordered an ava v2 to retest it. The vapor and flavor is amazing. And they have great customer service. I was really surprised. It produces amazing vapor. And after a couple of days of using it the flavor is amazing. Don't use the ultra sonic to clean it. :( It is the best to soak them. There is an amazing warrantee on them. They sent me a new one and even for the one with strange drag that I traded with a friend that was HV. They also sent a pre-labeled return bubble envelope. 

I have gotten atties from alot of places and the only other place that send me a replacement of a DOA atty was GoodProphets and they trusted me enough to not have me send it back or it might have been the size of my order :P. Cisco treated me great on returns. That I sent them back no prelabled envelope but they gave me credit for one that died after I used it for less then a couple of minutes. They where not that nice to my friend notty, but I think typically they give good customer service. I am still in talks with IKV with their i06 5 pack that lasted less time than the ava. I am impressed that after 3 weeks of use the AVA was replaced. 
I will update my feeling of the AVA after a month. But other then taking a while to break in and no ultrasonic, they are great. They produced the crazy cloud that I use in my intro video which looks great before I speed it up in my more recent videos. Anyways I was wrong what I said when I first talked about them. Hopefully I will do a update in a bit. I have updated the atties I use for reviews to with the new information. 
 For more information on them read the ECF thread about them. There is some great information even though I don't agree with all the posts. BTW they are now on an end of sumer sale. :P