Virgin Vapors Summer Lemonade with extra ecoPURE

It tastes even more crispy with ecoPURE Kystal added to it. EcoPURE Kystal is basically 3x ecoPURE regular. With its addition the juice tastes like lemon wafers but with way way more flavor. I got the juice at 3x with ecoPURE so diluting it a bit barely effected the flavor strength. Remember with each x you expediently increase the steep time. :P But it is worth the wait IMHO.
Even though I get a bit more off my next order if you click here when you buy it or other Virgin Vapor juice, I think it is one of the best ejuices. I highly recommend getting this one and their ejuices from my favorites. (There are tons of other brands in my favorites, if Virgin Vapor is not for you)
But I highly recommend this great ejuice and Virgin Vapors  Naked VanillaLemonadePomegranate, and Creme Carmel.
You can read the written review of this juice if you click here. You can see what I thought of the juice with Koolaid added to it if you click here.

Any suggestion on what lemonade will mix well with? The juice is amazing by itself but it would be great to find other great combinations to enjoy it with. :)