DeKang Green USA Mix Ejuice

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Update: This is the juice revisited after more time. 
Most DeKang Juice I do not like but I like a few. When I was getting more of their Menthol and Pear I decided to get a bottle of USA Green Mix with some other flavors. Unlike the Ketchup which I liked instantly I regretted getting a big bottle of this at first. I used it to break in my AVA atomizers. (They have a strange taste for the first two days and figured might as well use a cheap juice.) At first I didn't like this juice that much. But the more I vaped this juice the more and it grew on me. I am vaping it now on a bridgeless cisco 3.0 ohm atomizer at 7.4 v.
The juice is 24 MG and 100 PG. For 100 PG juice the juice provides a great amount of vapor. (to read about VG PG ratio click here) The throat hit is amazing on this juice. The tobacco base gets some getting used to. It is a woody tobacco. The juice is mentholated. It has an interesting fusion between a semi dry Menthol and a woody non nutty tobacco. The taste takes a couple of days to grow on you but becomes really enjoyable. I am not sure if this was do to steeping or that I had to get used to the taste. There is nothing quite like it. It resembles smoking a mentholated marbro. I would recommend this ejuice if you are after a semi dry marbro menthol taste. I think recommend it and I am getting more.

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