Halo Midnight Apple Ejuice for a in your face apple with a pleasant tobacco

Update they are diacetyl free  The is link also in useful to see what I thought about the other Halo ejuices in the line.
Update For almost 1/2 the price if you want just a hint of apple instead of more in your face apple and a more Hookah tobacco base check out my review of GoodeJuice Apple ehooka shisha ejuice it might be the juice for you. 

    Midnight Apple is a strong flavor giving in your face apple goodness. It is like COV butterscotch with out the bing candied and the Diacetyl. When I was a total noob I thought COV butterscotch was almost all flavoring. I wrote mostly flavoring in my review when I was a bit more informed. Now I think that less then half of the juice is flavoring. The thing is only Bruce knows because some organic flavors are very drastly less potent in strength per ml.  Judging from the strength of their Carmel Cream, Cherry Tobacco, Oriental PlumSlim MintToffeeVanilla, and Waffle, I don't think thier organic flavors are that strong. Yet there is a greater percent of flavoring in that juice then in most other juice.  

    I greatly prefer extra strong flavors. I can't get Virgin Vapor at Brick and Mortar because I like extra extra extra strong flavor and they usually carry just standard (vaperspot) or extra flavor(vape rev). When I first started doing a bit of DIY mixing I made juice insanely strong. I like strong tasting juice but I think you have to have tallent to do a decent job at balancing flavors in DIY. It is like how midnight apple is mixed all the different aspects of the juice are strong in your face and balanced. In Midnight apple the tobbaco and the apple fuse together and complement on another. The tobbaco is not in your face as the apple but it smokily earthy field like aspect go together unlike my attempt at DIY. I was left with extra premium US extracted nicotine from RTS vapes and I did want it to go to waste because my ailed DIY experiment was over. In my next order I bought a couple of flavor concentrates. I made 12x cranberry juice, 10x tigersblood with tons of menthol and some 8x Berry Berry. What I discovered is that I enjoyed 8x Berry Berry way more then I did the 3x version. But adding only 3x flavor with some vendors the texture of the of the ejuice becomes more viscous to the tongue and teeth. I had bad luck with some of the vixen vapor ejuices flavors. The texture  of their 3x flavors was already too saturated and there 3x needed to be way stronger for my taste. Luckily,  I found that Virgin Vapors flavoring is similar to CoV flavoring. Where tons of flavoring does not change the texture of the ejuice. Halo is one of the few vendors out there that delivers both a really strong flavor with a texture that is crisp and smooth. Even though this juice has in your face flavors, it is not sticky like others.  I am not sure how they accomplish the crisp texture and strong flavor but it is enjoyable.
      Some people like vague flavors in their ejuice. Just as some analog smokes prefer cig manufactures adding flavor crystals in the filter instead of flavoring the whole thing. It makes the cigarettes have flavors the same as flavored bubbly water and some people like there ejuice that way. Not many like flavors like ecopure regular because even that as been discontinued and is being replaced by a flavor that has a higher flavor profile.
 Halo is not organic but created by skilled chemists that are able to create strong flavors wich does not change the constancy of the vape. Most of their juices are full of flavor. I think that one of there process leaves a residual perfume taste that goes away in days, weeks, or months depending on the bottle. I have had mixed experiences with Halo. I really like there non tobacco flavors their Belgian chocolate is amazing and  I heavely recommend their other gourmet and menthol flavors.  The problem is that some of there tobbaco bases are nutty. Who smoked a pack of analogs and felt it tasted like mystery nut. I need to find out who that was. But it seems Prime 15 followed that mold and i wroth this review. Here is a funny ecf thread on my review of Prime 15.   I kind of got reamed for my lazy method of description.I hope I have improved.
I wrote this in another ecf thread
I learned from my good impression of the malibu menthol so I got menthol flavors mostly. Their menthol is really nice and I don't taste the chemically taste with them right out of the mail. The risk I took with the HX3 and it didn't pan out  I was not that impressed with halo for about a year. I am glad I gave them another chance because I think I found another favorite ejuice with them. Despite me being rude in my review, I am never describing a juice as tasting like dirty socks again, they are really nice and get back with questions often in the hour. I would try their other flavors you might like them. They seem to have a really loyal fan base. I think it is for a reason. ...
I find that to be true. Especially with this juice but I found another favorite. I added this juice to my favorites list . The base is a complex woody toasty flavor like GoodeJuice Wrangler Red mixed with the crispiness of ecoPURE Juices like Virgin Vapors Sweet Summer Lemonade. The base is very similar to the naturally extracted tobacco juice by Virgin Vapor Chocolate Tobacco with ecopure. It is not as crispy as ecoPure ejuice but it is close.  Midnights apple has a stronger profile then Virgin Vapors Chocolate Tobacco but it does not have the the same defined tobacco notes as the NET. The apple adds a tart crispy taste to the tobacco making it unique. In Midnight apple the green apple taste is not overpowering but nicely placed. The tartness is not as strong as Vapor Stations Blackberry. It has a hint of sweetness to that combines great in the fusion of flavor.
I vaped this juice at 3.7V, 5V, and 7.4V with an AVA and Cisco debridge atomizers. At lower voltages the fusion between the different flavors is not as great. The juice is sweeter and the apple is more present at lower voltages. The fusion this juice produces is amazing and I would highly recommend this juice to high voltage vapors. Even at low voltages this juice is great just not as much fusion of flavors. With the AVA the tobacco notes are more prevalent and with the Cisco the green apple flavors are more prevalent. I think the ceramic AVA atty gives an improved depth for for this juice. The juice is amazing on the non ceramic Cisco creating insane clouds of vapor at even medium wattage. The juice is not moist but it is far from dry.
   You can get this ejuice here or you can use the halo link from the bottom of the page. Please use the links on this site because it will help me get the other flavors to review. I highly recommend Midnight Apple. You can also get Halo's Tobbaco ejuice here or you can use the halo link from the bottom of the page.  I highly recommend Halo's Midnight Apple or Halo's Belgian Chocolate