Juicy Vapor Ecto Plasma and Ejuice Whisky

I have not been feeling good. I will post again soon. Until there  Tater_Salad thoughts on two ejuices till I can post again. I reviewed Juicy Vapors Ecto Plasma here and thought similar things.

Ecto Plasma: Juicy Vapor
Equip used: "nova" clearomizer, w/ ego Twist battery @ 3.6-4V
12mg nic

I can't say that I really remember the ecto-cooler flavor so I can't really tell if it is true to form or if it is just a bad copy. The flavor is lemon-lime with just the tiniest hint of Fruit Punch / bubble gum finish. The flavor is very good with pretty good vapor and smoke hit (I can really feel the hit). The blend and flavor is light and airy, great for a sweet and refreshing vape. 

I would personally buy this again and will probably keep it in my rotation. 

Whiskey: Juicy Vapor
Equip used: Smoov Carto (HouseOfVapor Brand?) and their battery @x volts
Unknown MG nic

I know what they were going for here as they handed me the carto labled whiskey. But if I hadn't asked to try it I would not have said that this is what it tastes like. It almost had a nutty (Amaretto or Coconut) flavor to it and a sweetness. There was no smokey flavor, and really no "kick" to this flavor. I was pretty excited to try this flavor and was excpecting to buy it, but after a quick taste test it never made it home with me.
I hope you agree with this review. I trust tater_salads thoughts on these two juices. If you want to see my thoughts on some juicy vapor juice these are the reviews I did of theres when I first started. Enjoy
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