Best PG VG ratio for ejuice (IMHO)

     PG stands for propylene glycol, while VG stands for vegetable glycerin. 100% PG juice is too dry for me usually and it doesn't perform that great. Increased VG levels increase the vapor production and moistness. The more PG the more the throat hit and flavor. I usually like around 50% PG and 50% VG with extra flavor (additional flavor shots with some vendors, extra extra strong, or 2x with other vendors) . For this explanation I am just going to give numbers like 33 meaning 33%.
     Mr E gives choices but he does a 33 VG ratio which is great. It think it goes great with Lemon Ice but it might be a reason I think his tobaccos like Laker Blend is a bit dry. This is the reason this ejuice is on the list of tobacco ejuices that did not work for me.  But having a house blend of 33 VG is unique.
     Some places are like Fuzion Vapor that offer a 65VG blend but you can customize it. At 65 VG you get some really nice vapor (as you can see here).  I recommend going with their standard blend at first, as they often tailor make their juice to perform the best at their custom ratio.
     Goodie Juice only offers 50-50 blends on their tobacco extracts. A lot of vendors do a fixed ratio. I would not recommend going with a vendor that does this with too low a VG. The Goodie Juice 50-50 has an amazing combination of flavor vapor and juiciness. I graphed out when reviewing my previous favorite Vita Bella and I did a video comparing it to my current favorite extract here.
     Some juice at 100 VG taste a bit burned. I don't mind the lack of throat hit on some of these. Clouds of Vapor Butterscotch is 100 VG has an okay throat hit and does not taste burnt.
Virgin Vapor has a similar juice that is adored by many. I can't wait to try it. Remember to use a link on this site like this. so I can try more flavors from my next my next order from Virgin Vapor. (Here is ECF's chat VapeHerClouds impression.)
     Amazingly ecoPURE created a 100 VG juice that has an amazing throat hit.  The taste can only be described as perfect crispness. Luckly, Virgin Vapor gives the option to use it as a base. They use ecoPURE as a base on my favorite ejuices; Creme Carmel, Lemonade, and their Pomegranate. Although Virgin Vapor doesn't offer ecoPURE on their absolute line, don't let that stop you from trying their Naked Vanilla.
     I hope my humble explanation helps you in making an informed decision for what VG PG ratio to order. Experiment and see for yourself but 50-50 is a safe bet IMHO; unless the vendor specializes in something else. To understand what I mean by a dry and juicy ejuice you can see some examples and an attempt of an expiation here.
     If you have any questions or know a ratio that works great for you and why leave a comment below.