Tasty Vapor's Carmel Popcorn

12 MG 50 PG 50 VG extra flavor
Even with extra flavor the flavor is not as strong as Virgin Vapors Carmel Kettle Corn. The performance is great for the 50 50 ratio. I talk more about what PG VG ratios mean here. The juice holds up well at ultra high wattages. I have vaped it at 3.7 V 4.8V and 7.4V with three different atomizers HH 357 1.5 ohm, AVA standard resistance the 3.0 bridgless cisco. At lower wattages the juice tastes sweeter and has less of a fusion of flavor. I prefer this juice at higher wattages. Unless you are vaping ultra high wattages I can not recommend it because I think Virgin Vapors Carmel Kettle Corn is better.