Totally Wicked Menthol Red Label

I am not sure on the PG VG ratio. To read more what I think on ratios check this out.  I will update when I know more about the ratio.
I heard some time ago the best Menthol is Totally Wicked Menthol. Despite the price I have to agree. It is a bit stronger then the DeKang Menthol. It is moister than then the Dekang Menthol and the ECOpure Menthol. It has a nice menthol bite with a hint of something I can't put my finger on even though I vaped over 20 ml of it. It does not have the strong tobacco taste of the Sin City Vaping Menthol. It is just cool and refreshing. Lately I have been really really sick coughing up red and green stuff (not ejuice related) and this ejuice seems to south the throat more then the Dekang Version because it is not as dry and has more of a menthol taste. The throat hit is not as nice as the DeKang counter part. The juice is sweeter at low voltages but still has a hint of sweetness at 7.4v. It produces amazing clouds of vapor. Despite it price being on the steep side I highly recommend it. I am going to be ordering more after I finish the bottle.