Virgin Vapor Coupon Code for the Labor Day Sale

Update this sale is over but till the end of October there is a Halloween sale you can see more info here.
save 15 percent on all products but (ECOpure based) by the end on monday by typing LABOR15. The website is here Virgin Vapor.  I highly recommend their Creme Carmel, Lemonade, Vanilla and Pomegranate.
Most of the reviews I have done of theres are here.
Creme Carmel Extra Extra Strong with EcoPure 
Carmel Corn Extra Extra Extra Strong with ECOpure 
Sweet Summer Lemonade with EcoPure Xtra Xtra Strong
Peach Perfect Virgin Vapor
Naked Vanilla by Virgin Vapors
Forbidden Fig from Virgin Vapor
Hunger of Persephone with ECOpure from Virgin Vapor
Although I greatly prefer their juice withe ECOpure now is a good time to try their juice for cheaper then usual. Virgin Vapor rarely does sales.
Please use Virgin Vapor  or another link from this page so I can get more great juice from them to review with my next order :)