Want2Vape Vapenstein London Ejuice NET great tasting atty clogging vape

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I reviewed this juice almost a year ago but I figured I would add some pics and try to clarify some statements  This juice is amazing but it is really frustration  Hope my updated review sheds some new light. 

11mg 70 pg 30 VG
  Vapenstien's London ejuice has a smokey flavor that fuses with a light woody flavor. The tobacco notes are accented by the slightly sweet taste. It tastes like an American Sprit analog but with better tobacco and aged in a wooden barrel. It has that natural raw tobacco of the American Spirit but it is refined.
   The vapor is not amazing for this ejuice but it works for that ratio at first then quickly gets worse. I explain how the juice clogs atties in the last paragraph.
  The extraction is not dry or moist. It does not soth or damage the throat. But as the atty getts more clogged it dips into a dry tobacco that belongs on the tobacco juices that are not for me list.
  London's flavor is not to in your face or subtile. It is not my favorite tobacco by far.  I even put P-38 before it and it isn't on my current favorite ejuices list.  Yet because the juice is a natural extract and has a slight WTA feel. Although it is extra slight I still feel a small percent of what I feel with WTA (whole tobbaco alkaloids juice. To find out more about WTA click here.
Vapenstien's London is not a tobacco that did not work for me as long as it did not fully clog the atty. Wrangler red from Goodejuice or Chocolate tobacco from Virgin Vapor fulfill my NET desire more often. But, I still recommended it before I discovered the atty clogging problem that can be a deal breaker for beginners   For my taste I enjoy London more than the other Vapenstein extracts at W2V IMHO.

    Vapenstein's reviews lead me to try some amazing juices even though we differ on what we think about Halo Prime 15. Vapenstein did a great job in making this ejuice and I recommend it experienced vapors. It is a unique raw cigarette taste that other NET get close and other tobaccos strive to become.
   Vaping London  will greatly shorten the life of the atomizer you use and cause a steady decrease in performance. I think GoodeJuice's Wrangler Red and Vita Bella create less then a small percent of guck even though they are extracts too. So unless you know how to dry burn safely or by atties in the quantity I do. I would recommend trying the other NET on my current favorite list. The taste is unique but wait a year and truly know your equipment before you try it IMHO.

The link to the video of this juice is here. I did it a while ago before I released the ease  on which it clogs atties and just how much this juice changes when it clogs ones atties. It is hard to recommend a juice to non pros that isn't as filtered or refined as the other NET on my favorite ejuice list. Natural extracts can add a new dimension of flavor but I think this one is almost too much trouble unless you have tons of spare atties or know how to clean the gunk. Be warned. If you like apple and tobacco both halo and goodie juice have an amazing non NET tobacco blends. I also find that GoodeJuice and Virgin Vapor NET are way way more filtered. This juice gets an A+ for taste be careful unless you are prepared or knowable about unclogging atties.