Congo Craze GoodeJuice

This juice has a woody spicy banana flavor. It is a tobacco banana blend. The tobacco is what adds the woody and spicy taste while creating an amazing fusion with the banana. It is defiantly not on the list for tobacco ejuices that did not for me.  It is not like some banana ejuices that I have tried where it is chemically and fake tasting. The banana is actually nice here. The flavor is a bit vague and dry for my taste. I like extra extra strong flavors even some flavors at 8x. So this juice is not in your face flavor but is probably great for most of the people. My favorite tobacco ejuice Wrangler Red and the runner up Vita Bella come from this vendor. If you are a fan of nice woody spicy tobbaco banana fusion then I would recommend it.

The vendor describes it as this
Searching for that hard hitting tobacco eliquid that satisfies? Looking for that ejuice that you don't know what it is but you just can't stop vaping it? Then look no further! You want some Congo Craze eJuice from GoodeJuice.com. This smoke juice is sure to please even the most picky vaporers. We've managed to infuse five of our top flavors and create an eliquid that will cure even a primates cravings. A real tobacco flavor with alot going on. And we mean ALOT!
I agree for the most part. It is a interesting banana flavor. Like I like way more then AVE gorilla juice. I am not a banana ejuice fan so even though this juice is one of the better bannas with an amazing tobacco fusion. I am not getting it again. But if you are a banana fan or think you might be this juice is for you. Pick up a Wranger Red while if you get this juice or not. You will not be sorry. (GRRR they out out of my favorite tobacco ejuice go with the Vita Bella if you are a vanilla fan until they restock Wrangler Red)
You can get the juice here.