DeKang Green USA mix Ejuice Revisited

100 PG 24mg
My first look at the juice is here. I recommended this juice but I regret it now. Luckily,  I did not order more. The positives is it is crispy and has a after dinner mint(red lines on a white circler one). The mint is enjoyable. However the mint fuses with a tobacco that fails. Unlike Menthol and Cuban Cigar from DeKang the tobacco is a bad copy of what a tobacco should taste like. I am adding it to the tobaccos that did not work for me. It has the strange chemical taste that DeKang is infamous for. It taste a bit like how a dirty moldy sock smells. A taste I get from Halo's Prime 15 :( (Halo makes other amazing juices in fact Midnight Apple is on my list of favorites.) 
I like DeKang's  Menthol Cuban Cigar, Pear, and even Ketchup but this one is fail to me.  I do not recommend it. If you want to try a great tobacco try GoodEjuce Wrangler Red and for a great menthol try Aromas P-38. I see no reason to settle for this mess.