Mr E Liquid Grape Ice

Mr E Liquid Lemon Ice used to be my favorite. I liked it so much I tried over a dozen of Mr E other flavors. You can see some of the reviews here if you are interested. Sadly this ejuice is nothing like its lemon cousin. It is too sweet for me. It has the tart notes like Vapor Stations Blackberry or Vixen Vapor Tigers Blood but with way way too sweetness. It also seems like the Lemon Ice blends better and covers the vicks vapor rub like taste of the what they use to ice the flavor. The juice preforms great for 33VG but the taste is not for me. I do not recommend this juice unless you are going for a really sweet grape taste mixed with something like vicks vapor rub flavor. It is too bad because Mr E has some great ejuices unfortunately this is not one of them.