Update on Diacetyl in Clouds of Vapor ButterScotch

One of the first review I did was COV ButterScotch. I raved about it and think it is one of the best juices out there.  It contains diacetyl which is not good stuff. It is supposed to be a small amount but I am taking it off my current favorite list until I find out more. Virgin Vapors does not have any diacetyl and their Lemonade, Creme CarmelPomegranateVanilla, and many more are amazing.

I feel terrible recommending a juice that can kill people. I am not sure if Diacetyl does that, even though some people think it does. I will do more research on weather juices have diacetyl in the future. Here is the list of juices I have reviewed. If there are any ones on that list you want me to look into I will. I applaud Clouds of Vapor for coming forward and not being shady about unlike others in the industry.

I thought organic means there is no diacetyl. But I was wrong. Sorry. From what I gleaned Diacetyl was in microwave popcorn and no one linked it yet to vaping damage. In the past workers in microwave popcorn plants experienced damage from diacetyl, but I am not sure if that is fake lawyer stuff, prolong exposure to it, or something else. Here is a link in a thread where more good info about diacetyl is expressed.  I eat microwave popcorn many times a week and I will vape the rest of the CoV ButterScotch I have saved. But I am not ordering another bottle before I need to look into it more. You have been warned but it might be a hoax or as dangerous as eating apple seeds. Until then I highly recommend Virgin Vapors.