VaperNews.com, Ecig reviews, and Health

   As many of you know I suffered from brain cancer. After surgery several years ago, I got slightly better after, unfortunately now I am getting worse. :( The quality of my reviews has drastically gone down as well as the frequency. I am trying to get the quality and the frequency back up. I have notes on around a dozen ejuices that I am going to post the reviews on soon. My goal is to get back to the quality of the Vita Bella review I did last year.
    I have reviewed over 100 ejuices and they are listed for the most part here . I also have a list of my current favorites. You can subscribe to the blog on the side if you want. My goal of doing a detailed review daily might hopefully come soon. To hold you over till then and to share a great Vapor News resource I have found.  Vapernews.com is a great aggregator of vapor blogs, videos, and twitter feeds.  I hope you still follow this blog through Vapernews.com and hopefully how you follow me now. 
    Vaping has allowed me to overcome smoking cigarettes for over a year and there are thousands of ejuices and hundreds of devices. I hope my reviews and others help keep you off cigarettes. I have reviewed over 100 juices and a hand full of Ecigs and I have over a hundred more ejuices that I plan on reviewing in the next year. Happy Hanukkah, Christmas or what ever you celebrate and have a great New Year. I hope my reviews and list of favorites helps you. VaperNews.com has alot of other reviewers that some may view as competitors but I think the more reviews the better to help everyone find the ejuice they like. Thank you all reviewers for providing a service to the community and helping me get started. 
   If you would like to see any ejuice reviewed leave the name and vendor in the comment section and I will try to get the juice to review or I might already have it in my cue and I will move it up. Most ejuice matures with age so it might be a couple of months but I will try to get to it. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years all. I will post more reviews hopefully soon. 

legal note:
I am not a doctor. I do not know the health effects of ecigs even though I feel and bet they are way better then there analog alternative. I do not condone the use of ecigs to anyone under the age of 18 because it is illegal unless you vape nicotine free ejuice. Ecigs and Ejuices do not treat or cure any deaciese although they have helped me. In my 100's of reviews and my exporation of WTA I am giving my personal opinion.