Halo Belgian Chocolate The best chocolate ejuice

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Update They are currently having a 10% off sale.  The is link also in useful to see what I thought about the other Halo ejuices in the line.
Out of the hundreds of chocolate flavors I have tried Halos Belgian Chocolate is the best IMHO. It has amazing vapor production and clouds of vapor. The flavor is not in your face strong, but it is definitely close. The thing is most chocolates I have tried tastes like chocolate coco.  This one also tastes like coco  but has something more. The chocolate taste has a melted chocolate bar quality to it. The creaminess fuses together with the coco in something that I find delightful. The creamy chocolate flavor is there right out of the mail, but it gets stronger with time (aka steeping). I highly recommend it. I am getting more of it. It seems like Halos Belgian Chocolate and Halos Midnight apple are my favorites from Halo.
It does not have diacetyl as there site states:
Does your e-liquid contain Diacetyl?No, Halo does not contain Diacetyl in any of our e-liquid formulas. This was a strict requirement for Halo far before it became a popular topic in the forums. In addition, our e-liquid also does not contain Acetyl, Propionyl, 2-3 Hexanedione, 2-3 Heptanedione, or Diacetyl Trimer which are often used as Diacetyl equivalents. 
I am worried about ejuice with Diacetyl  I go more into that here. Luckily Halo does not use Diacetyl.
I am adding this juice to my current favorite list it is that good.
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