Pirate's Bounty Mr E Liquid

Pirate's Bounty Mr E Liquid has a smooth tobacco taste mixed with a heavenly spice.
Mr E Liquids describes this juice as
Pirate's Bounty is a very unique vape.  It is hard to describe this flavor, you will just have to try it for your self. Not too sweet, not too bitter, a well rounded vape.  Vapor production is great. This juice tested VERY well so we are excited to offer Pirate's Bounty at M-E-L. 
   I defiantly agree with how the juice is well rounded and also how it creates great vapor. For a 40 VG it produced vapor like a 80 VG or higher. I explain VG PG ratios and vapor production here.
   The ejuice's spice is complex and interesting to me. It tastes spiced rum with out the alcohol taste. The tobacco is smooth it has a hint of strawy tones with even a subtler woody tones. The throat is great. The flavor is not in your face. It is nice but it could be stronger IMHO. The spice is about as strong as the lemon lime flavor in 7 up. It creates a interesting tobacco flavor but I am going to see if they can add more flavoring next time I order it.
   The ejuices name has Bounty in the name but this juice does not try to imitate or is like Bobas Bounty from AVE in any way. Unlike other Mr E tobaccos which made my list for ejuices that are not for me, I recommend trying this ejuice. Use the code vapetv for 10 percent off if you do. I still think GoodEJuice Wranger Red is the best tobacco ejuice but this ejuice is defiantly one of the best.