TN Tobacco from Nashville Vapor

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Nashville Vapor describes this juice as,
"This is a smooth, but sorta sharp flavored tobacco. Kinda bitter, and almost woody… with just a hint of sweetness to it. "
I agree with their description. It has a smooth tobacco taste that has a hint of wood. The bitter woody sweetness fuses with the tobacco flavor in an interesting fusion. The crisp tobacco has a slight notes of wood, sweetness, and bitterness that blend together nicely the higher the wattage you vape it at. The flavor is not in your face strong or vague. The problem I have with this tobacco is that it is dry. I did not receive enough to try it with menthol and koolada. The menthol balanced out the dryness. Despite it being dry, I might order this juice and I did not put it on the list of tobacco ejuices that are not for me because of the fusion. I found with menthol this juice was enjoyable. If you like dry tobaccos or like experimenting with ways to make a juice less dry then I recommend this ejuice. It is no way the best or even close to how good Goodejuice Wrangler Red is, but I think the fusion of slight sweetness, sharp smooth tobacco, woody notes and bitterness is interesting and makes up for the dryness.