Apple Ehooka Shisha GoodEjuice eLiquid

    Tobacco vapes can be tricky. There are tons that are not for me but this ejuice is not one of them. There are two schools in tobacco ejuice NET (natural tobacco extracts) and flavoring that mimics tobaccos. My favorite tobacco ejuice is a NET from GoodeJuice. This is the first non NET that I find really enjoyable. It does not have the nutty component which I find is common in most Halo Tobbaco's I have tried except Halo's Midnight Apple. NET have been known to clog up atties and cartos so a non NET tobacco has its benefits. This atty has been vaping this juice for about a month and is performing as well as it did on day one, which is unheard of for NET ejuices.
   I almost vaped 30ml of this great ejuice. I lost my grandfather so sorry for the delay in reviews. During my break, I have tons of ejuice to vape but I kept reaching for this one. Right out of the mail the juice is a bit harsh. It takes a week of leaving the cap of and shaking every day to shine. The steep time on this juice is great. Unlike most other juices that take over a year to steep for me like the backwoods brew Menthol
Review at different Voltages
At 3.7v the juice is sweeter the apple shines through more but vapor and fusion of flavors is not as great. The same is true for 5v and 6v the apple taste is more present still and it adds a tab too much sweetness for me but the fusion is not out of this world. 
At 7.4v the apple turns into just a hint but the flavor fusion is amazing.
My cr123 AW meter to around 8.2v on a full charge. Since they don't preform at that voltage for very long for the chart I rounded that voltage to 8v. On freshly charged batteries this juice is even more amazing. I found when vaping this ejuice I always had a pair for cr123 on my charger so I can vape at this voltage. Here is the chart I made. 

You can click on it to have it expand. During the four weeks I vaped this I used the same atty. The atty is interesting going to post a review on it soon. To see what my numbers mean the key is here.  To understand more what I said about moistness reading this might help. 
    The eHookahUSA line at GoodeJuice mimics the taste vaping a hookah. I never was big into Hookahs when I smoked analogs. I recently went by a hookah bar and tried their apple flavor. This ejuice is way better. Hookahs smoke has tons of tar is terrible for you. I had a terrible cough for the next several days. Despite my taste buds not used to hookahs, I noticed this ejuice had a hookah like flavor that is really enjoyable. Even if you never where into hookahs I think you will greatly enjoy this ejuice. I have most of the goodejuice ehookahUSA line. I will post reviews on most of the flavors shortly. 
    The juice is 16 bucks for a 30 ml which is good. I highly recommend it. The tobacco flavor just has a hint of apple which makes the amazing base shine. If you prefer more Apple flavor and a more crisp tobacco like base you might prefer Halo Midnight Apple. It cost almost twice the price but it might be worth it. For a more vague apple with a Hookah like flavor you can't go wrong with GoodeEjuice Apple, which is a must try in my opinion. I added it on my list for current favorite ejuices. It is my current favorite. I am going to order more for sure. I hope you enjoy this juice as much as I have when you try it.