The Vapor Spot Ecig Store Pics Westwood

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Vapor Spot is also a Head Shop. I have not been to other head shops but are the people clueless jerks at most of them? The first time I was there a guy broke his glass table. They are not just clumsy they have no clue about what they are doing. They sold me some Virgin Vapor juice that was not made by Virgin Vapor just some other juice in the Virgin Vapor bottle. When I came back, not only did they not give me a refund for their mistake they asked me and my friend to give up our seat less then 10 minutes after we sat down. It is fraud btw to claim something is x but it is y instead. Luckily I bought a small bottle of the fake virgin vapor but the icing on the cake is the second time I went there after trying 4 juices they asked us to leave even thought my buddy was buying alot of stuff. I guess we were tasting juices where their profit margins are lower on.  I don't recommend going to this ejuice store unless you need something badly enough that you can't wait have it overnight it from a local vendor or drive to the coolest Ecig Shop 10 min away.
  Stay away from Vapor Spot. The prices are high and the people are clueless  jerks. Things that sell for 2 bucks online sell for 9 bucks at Vapor spot. I thought Vape Revolution prices where high. Vapor Spots prices are crazy. This is the worst Ecig store I have been to.