(VapeRev) VapeRevolution Ecig and Ejuice shop part three

This is a continuation of part 2 about VapeRevolution. Part 1 can be found here.

I chose 6 juices even though I have enough ejuice to vape non stop and still most of it will go bad. I did not mean to get so much but what I got I consider the best of the best of the best. 6 different vendors paid about what it would be if I orded the juice from each site but the California state tax is way less than shipping would have been. They price each vendor differently.
   If you want to try juice I highly recommend the drive out to vist. It is defiantly worth the drive anywhere in souther california. It is the best vape store that I have been to so far (vaperspot might be better) so it might be worth visiting if you are traveling farther.
  For juice I highly recomend checking this store out. For hardware I would not recommend it.  I only had one 3 ohm atty left and the botom hole in it was not the right size for my surge tank. Vape Revolution only carried LR atties and for 10 bucks a pop :( (They are even really expensive 8 bucks on their website). Their mod and ecig selection was the same way. There 10 dollar atties are not the HH357 or AVA or something that justifies the higher price. They are just rebranded 5 buck atties IMHO. Guess they need to pay the rent, employees, and upkeep some how but I think they go way to far.  They sell a mod for around 350 which is extremely high for a mod. It is almost double the price I paid for my reo grand and glv xl.   So if you are after hardware go to your local vapemeet to try stuff out and order online. But IMHO for trying out different juices you can't go wrong with Vape Revolution. It is too bad that VapeRev goes mall kiosk prices on hardwear but they more then make up for it with their juice IMHO.
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