VapeRev, VapeRevolution, or Vape Revolution Ecig and Ejuice Shop

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  I am going to use VapeRev, VapeRevolution, and Vape Revolution interchangeably to describe this shop. On the same trip to Orange County that I experienced Vaper Venu, I visited  Vape Revolution . I have always dreamed of going to a ecig lounge that is similar to the hookah bars in my area. A place where you can sit down in comfortable chairs with friends and try cartomizers of a wide variety of juice. There are hundred of thousands of juices and I think it would be cool to be able to experience a wide variety of juices for a reasonable price.   I have yet to find a place similar to my ideal ecig lounge but VapeRev is the closest.
 VapeRevolution has nice sofas and chairs but it is different from the vape lounge of my dream. I played a chess game on their sofas when I was taking an intermission between trying all their great juices but all the action really takes place at the bar. The chairs and sofas are placed in a way that help facilitating waiting for a spot at the tasting bar and a place where people can take an break from trying VapeRevolution's menu. However the chairs and sofas are not a place where people can relax and try new flavors.

 VapeRev has close to 150 ejuices in carto tanks. You can see what they have in a multi page menu broken down into categories.  They have a  cool vv mods for you to test the juice at but changing the voltage is not allowed. :(  That is really limiting to high wattage vapors like myself because juices taste different at different wattage. Luckily the ejuice bar tender knows alot about vaping and let me try my favorite juices on my Reo and GLV XL so I can tell what the juice would taste like at the wattage I usually enjoy.
    I tried most of their close to 150 selection of juices they offered. They had some of my favorite juices Virgin Vapors Carmel Creme and Virgin Vapors Sweet Summer Lemonade. They did not have them with extra flavor or ecoPURE which makes a big difference IMHO. I think it is the best for Virgin Vapor to order directly from thier site which you can access by clicking here.
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