Asian Pear High Voltage Octane Nhaler at 30 watts

I covered the juice almost 2 years ago between 4.2 watts and 12.7 watts. I thought the juice was interesting and great. I later found that vapealicious pear taste similar.  I went through the serval pear flavors I have found in my review of pharmaboy's poached pear.
   For a while I was mad at nhaler because I thought I got burned on a cheap mod and I bought over a grand worth of stuff their my darwin and tons of expensive atties. I think the Darwin was expensive but worth it.(read my review for more info on it) I think the same is true with their ejuice even though they are not quite as expensive for what you get. Anyways I am no longer mad at nhaler and gave there juice another look before it went bad after 2 years.
    Hight Voltage Octane Asian Pear ejuice is amazing. I vaped the rest of my bottle like a research monkey. It is only 10mg but I never vaped a juice so fast. I was pleasantly surprised. The juice is amazing. If you vape at normal voltage check the original review. (first link at the first line) But if you vape hv like me now this juice is fantastic. The vapor and toasty flavor full pear is worth it. I highly recommend this juice. This juice is just really good not amazing at lower voltages so it will not go on my favorite juice of the moment list but if you vape at around 30 watts you will be pleasantly surprised.