Califoria SB 648 is going to Tax and Ban Ecigs Urgent Call To Action for Ecig users living in Califoria

The corrupt senators that want to control everything in your life are now going against e-cigs. They want to tax ecig sales and ban ecigs in places where you can't smoke regular cigs. Ecig vapor is harmless and ecigs help many people get off regular cigs and are harmless to people around you.  Click here to find out more info and contact your representation. Don't let them get away with taxing and banning e-cigs. The bill is now in the California Senate which is controlled by progressives so there tyranny will pass unless we can do something. The bill is SB 648.
Here are the emails of people in the California Senate senator.anderson@senate.ca.gov, senator.beall@senate.ca.gov, senator.berryhill@senate.ca.gov, senator.cannella@senate.ca.gov, senator.corbett@sen.ca.gov, senator.correa@sen.ca.gov, n@senate.ca.gov, senator.desaulnier@sen.ca.gov, senator.emmerson@senate.ca.gov, senator.evans@senate.ca.gov, senator.fuller@senate.ca.gov, senator.hancock@sen.ca.gov, senator.hernandez@senate.ca.gov, senator.huff@sen.ca.gov, senator.leno@sen.ca.gov, senator.lieu@sen.ca.gov,senator.padilla@sen.ca.gov, senator.pavley@sen.ca.gov, senator.price@senate.ca.gov, senator.steinberg@sen.ca.gov, senator.walters@sen.ca.gov, senator.wolk@sen.ca.gov, senator.wright@sen.ca.gov, senator.wyland@sen.ca.gov, senator.yee@sen.ca.gov
It is better to call or write a letter to the Senator in your district but emails help. You can write a email from anywhere so if you are an e-cig supporter outside of California try it but elected representatives respond best to contact that  proves you are in their district.
Remember be nice but be firm in how banning Ecigs is pointless and a power grab and that if they vote to uphold this terrible bill you will vote them out of office. The info above was gotten here, read what they wrote for more info. Don't let them regulate away a treatment that is helping many because of ideology, corruption, and ignorance.
You can read my hundreds of reviews, see my favorite ejuices of the moment, and check out the ecigs I am using but do something so they can't regulate away  Ecigs. This is a step way to far. What ever your political leanings I hope we can agree that vapor is harmless. Even if you agree with a big government nanny state I hope you do something so this treatment is not regulated out of existence.
You can see the whole crazy hearing here. I know it is long but at around 6:20 the lady calls ecigs racist for targeting minorities.  If you have not seen what a clueless tv report creating crazy fear mongering check this out.