Grandpa's Cough Medicine by Epipe mods Strange Ejuice part 2

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This vendor is interesting. The bottles look cool. They make highly custom ecig pipes. There ejuices are interesting. I reviewed the shire malt previously and didn't like it that much. Grandpa's Cough medicine is different. Their epipe mods are expensive but tons of work goes into them. Luckily there ejuice is affordable at 17 bucks for a 30 ml.
   I personally like vaping at around 30 watts. Most juices I have reviewed taste way better at higher wattages. This one doesn't.

   At around 5 watts using a 5v battery and a hv joye atty the menthol, eucalyptus, and apple fruit mix are pronounced but don't fuse well together. The flavors are distinct but they don't mess well together.
   With stacked cr 123 with the same atty the juice is around 12 watts and the flavors are distinct but there is a nice fusion. The menthol and eucalyptus tones mix well with the apple fruit melody in an enjoyable way. It isn't too mentholated, instead I find it refreshing. The apple fruit melody is more crisp at this wattage. I think this is the best wattage for this juice.
   With a SR joye atty at around 30 watts the fruits taste crisper but the menthol and eucalyptus are not as strong and the juice tastes water down. It does not taste burned like some juices do at this wattage, however it is not enough flavor. I like crazy clouds and fusion of high wattage and this juice does not hold up to high wattage.

The epipes mods site describes this juice this way:
Granpa's Cough Medicine-Imagine a cold winter night, your favorite robe and easy chair, quitely relaxing by the fire with your favorite Hot Toddy in hand. Grandpa's secret recipe dances in the air with hints of absenthe and chai spices. 
I agree for the most part.  I get more eucalyptus than absinth. It is not eucalyptus you can get with Decadent Vapors Mentholyptus (a British boutique ejuice company. I will post the review here in the next month) or TPA extract but I taste the eucalyptus what I taste. It is a mild amount of it. I also taste more of a fuit melody with apple as the prevalent factor than the chai.
The TH of this juice is amazing despite the wattage. The vapor is good at the lower wattages and amazing at higher wattages.
   I got a small bottle of this at the Vapor Spot after trying it. The juice is definitely interesting. Epipe mods sells only a 30 ml bottle of it. I wouldn't recommend getting a 30ml bottle of it unless you don't mind having that much juice that is really only good for special occasions. It would be a good thing to split if you have adventurous friends vapors around you. Also if you local brick and motor store has it try it and I think you will like it as much as I do and get a small bottle of it if you brick and motor ecig store carries it.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  I am reviewing all of GoodEjuice hookah line like what I did with Apple Ehooka and it is nice to change stuff up a bit. But after 4 days of vaping it I look forward to going back to the rest of the ehookah line. The first two days where unique and enjoyable but I can't wait to clean my Reo and change out the bottle. However,  if you want to change things up and don't mind getting a 30ml bottle of an interesting ejuice but not an all day vape then go for it. It is defiantly interesting.