SnickerDoodle Cookies Ms T Ejuice a terrible ejuice for ecigs

This is a poplar ejuice. It is known to work well with low wattage. I used a Joye Evic to review this ejuice. It is a great VW device that can works great for normal ecig users. I am used to around 30 watts so it isn't that great for me :P
However, the Joye Evic will help me cover juices at lower wattage again with out changing batteries and it is filled with interesting features.
Ms T ejuice is not for me. I seemed to like this juice way less then I liked Ms T tangerine  or Ms T Eucalyptus Cough Drop. I disliked both of those too. Despite having a couple other of Mrs T juices in juice boxes I just might skip them if they are as bad as Ms T Snickerdoodle cookie.

To make sense of the graph numbers and to find out how I did it check here.
As you can see by the chart this ejuice did not do it for me at lower wattages. Even at high wattage I rated this juice low. Compare it to the ejuices in my favorites that I did graphs for. Like Virgin Vapors Lemonade and GoodeJuice's Vita Bella. As you can see the numbers for this ejuice are way way smaller. For me even at 29 watts this juice is a C-, at lower wattage it is a F.

Throat Hit
The throat hit of this juice is subpar. Especially for a 18 mg nic juice. I am not sure about the PG and VG levels but I have vaped 100 VG juice with a stronger Throat Hit than this juice.

Flavor Strength
I crave in your face flavor when I vape. Like the  Ms T tangerine  or Ms T Eucalyptus Cough Drop the flavor is not very strong. It tasted more like a watered down Gatorade than a fruit juice.
Flavor Description 
I get an interesting cookie carmel and nut fusion. However the nut is not the nut I liked in Pink Spots RY8. It is the nasty nut flavor that I stay away from. The nut aspect is just a hint. But it reminds me of the terrible mystery nut in Halo Prime 15 and it is not enjoyable.
The carmel is nothing like the amazing carmel I vaped in Virgin Vapors Creme Carmel. Instead it tastes one dimensional instead of the creamy goodness the Virgin Vapors Creme Carmel has.
The cookie is enjoyable. It is a bit dry but it is the only aspect of this juice that is redeeming. But it isn't good enough to recommend. Vixen Vapor Sopapillas has a slightly better cookie taste that is fussed with flavors that are not gut retching.      If you are after a great snickers you would be way happier with Pink Spots RY8. If you want an amazing carmel desert vape you can't go wrong with  Virgin Vapors Creme Carmel.
I do not recommend this ejuice any any circumstance. It was famous for a while but I don't think it should have been. Recently I have not heard anything about this juice. I was not impressed with this juice so I gave it a year to steep and it did not get better. I don't know why this juice was so talked about. It is one of the first boutique ejuices but I think even dekang pear and menthol which are way cheaper are way better.  This juice belongs in the dust bins of history not in your juice tray IMHO.
I need to make a ejuice that isn't for me list like I did for tobaccos. This juice belongs on it.