Tasty Vapor Ejuice Peach Mamba Not the best Ejuice but tons of potential

12mg 20 vg
Juices I have reviewed from tasty vapor are their Ultimate VanillaGerman Chocolate CakeTasty Vapor Mahalo OahuCarmel PopcornBoston Cream Pie.
Despite this juice having extra flavor the flavor is week in the first sec of the drag and almost non existant in the end of the drag  The peach is a candied. The peach it fuzes well with the vanilla in an interesting combo. But it is missing other notes from the description. Their is way better candied peach and vanilla  IMHO. TV describes it as this
The dessert inspired by an opera singer. And not a widely known dessert, but maybe we can change that! This, just like the dessert and a nice blend of vanilla with peach and complimented with overtones of brandy, lemon and raspberry! Mixed fresh per order and just a touch of VG to increase vapor production. Fantastic flavor, nice throat hit and clouds of vapor. Smoking was never this great! More VG is available upon request at checkout. See below for available ratios.
I taste hints of brandy, lemon, and raspberry if I really try to focus on them. They would add to the juice if they existed more. The fusion of the vanella an peach is nice but it is missing the other aspects. The juice is 20 VG  and the throat hit is really bad for 20 vg juices.
I would skip this one. The way they describe the juice it has alot of ponental but  IMHO they missed it. I mixed virgin vapors peach and vanilla and I got a way more enjoyable vape.