Chocolate-Mint shisha Ehookah USA GoodeJuice the Vapor Beast

I tried Apple Ehookah first and it is one of my favorites. Although this juice is part of the same line it is kind of a let down. This juice creates amazing vapor. I am not sure about the ratio but it performs better then some 100 VG juice I have tried. The chocolate is okay it is not the best. It is like heresy chocolate to me. I much preferred the Halo and Virgin Vapor chocolate. The mint tastes like spearmint. It has the same great tobacco base in the GoodeJuice Apple Ehookah. However, it taste burt and did not perform as well in high wattage. At 11 w this juice is preforms amazing except the flavors are to vague for me. It is not one of the tobaccos that did not work for me because it shares the same great base as the  Apple Ehookah
You can use this vapor production key to understand this graph above. 
Basicly what it is saying at 
4.2w. The vapor production is amazing The fusion of flavor is not quite there and it is not dry but not moist. At this wattage the throat hit is vague. 
At 6 watts the vapor is even better. The Juice is not dry or moist and the flavor fusion is double where it was at 4.2w and the sweetness is a bit less and the throat hit is still vauge.
At 8 watts the vapor is even better but the juice is getting on the dry side. The flavor fusion increased and the sweetness decreased but the throat hit is a bit more.   
At 11 watts which was my favorite the vapor production is amazing. The increased fusion of the spearmint made the juice a bit more moist then at 8 watts. The throat hit became decent and the sweetness decreased a lot.
At around 28 watts the juice taste burt the vapor was not that great but the throat hit is crazy.
I used a joye evic in the video above. It is really customize able and hooks up to your computer to tell you tons of info. I highly recommend it for low wattage vapers. You can get it here.  I also used the glv 2xl for 28w. If you end up buying a mod you saw here please click through the links above or the banner on the site which will allow me to enjoy the financial freedom to be able to do more reviews with no cost to you.

I don't recommend this juice. Get a small bottle of it with the Apple shisha if you want to try it for yourself. The base is the same as the Apple shisha from GoodeJuice so it is enjoyable. But the flavors are a bit vague and the chocolate does is not as amazing as the other chocolates in my current favorite ejuice list.
If you want to try the juice to see for your self click here but I would go with their Apple ehookah juice for sure.
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