Delightful Carmel Mr E liquids A bad ejuice for all ecig users IMHO

Carmel is an extra hard flavor to get right. It tastes amazing when done right like Virgin Vapors Creme Carmel. I figured that Mr E might have an amazing carmel.  They did a great job with their lemon ice that it was listed in my current favorite for almost a year. However this juice is not special. It has an okay throat hit and and okay vapor production. The taste just is off. I figured it needed more time to steep. After almost 2 years the taste isn't better. :( They stopped selling it on their site so maybe they know it is not special. So I am going to make this review extra short. It tastes burned at high wattage and it doesn't have the right carmel taste at lower wattages. I do not recommend this juice. If you are looking for a carmel you should go with VV Creme of Carmel not this one.