Don't buy atomizers from Digtal Ciggz -Attys that that are wrong and have nonexistant customer service

These are the atties I got for my new reviews. I just got a bunch of different atties  for reviews and they did not last a through the many video reviews I have done. I did not post them because I had audio problems with my camera. I am in the process of figuring out what I said but expect alot of reviews soon. :) Will try to post 2 a day at least starting monday.

All the atties I use for reviews are new or cleaned to have no taste using a sonic cleaner or this device I am testing. If an atty has a residual flavor I clean it again if that doesn't work I use it for my personal use not for reviews.

This is my second batch of around 35 atties from Digital Ciggz. Unless something changes this will be my last. Testing juice at different watts is extra hard on atties and I have a back log over over 100 juices to review. I am no big fish. I get only around a thousand unique hits a day but if only a small percent know of the quality and the lack of customer service you provide and avoid you I think you will suffer for your poor business decisions.
The first batch from diggital ciggz each atty lasted a couple of only a couple of hours or one cleaning with my sonic cleaner. I thought this was an irregularity or something happened to my package in the mail so I tried again. Just to get drastically worse results. I am now questioning if they are authentic Joye atomizers. In comparison the joye ones I have gotten from goodiejuice lasted around a week as well as the ones from the other vendors and brick and motor stores I have tried.  I thought joye where joye. There is something not right with the ones I have. Anyways got this new batch and tested them on my multimeter the next night and almost half of them where DOA :( I sent them an email and I heard nothing for over 5 days.
The other atties in the picture are the cisco ones. They cost a bit more but last me way longer then joye atties typically. Some last months and some just weeks. Due to the lack on consistency I can't recommend them but I did a video review of them a while ago when they first came out with bridges atties for less then 23 bucks. 
I have found you get what you pay for atties. I thought I was really smart getting joye atties at around 2 bucks a pop with free shipping but in the end I wasn't. I got no feed back from Digital Ciggz even though their site said they where warranted for a week. (after my email I can't find that on there site. I have been vaping for a while now and other than ikv(read the warning here) every vendor I bought atties from that where DOA sent me replacement atties or refunded me. It is strange even to get the cold shoulder when I bought a lot for the second time. I guess especially with atties you get what you pay for.

I recommend paying retail on the joyes from goodejuice, trying their other atties, or from trusted vendors like virgin vapor. I will no longer and I don't recommend the forum deal and steals section to find the cheapest price on possibly knocked off atties :(