Gourmet Vapor's Mom's Raspberry Truffle Ejuice Ecig juices gone wrong

Update: I finished this bottle and it was a form of torture IMHO all my thoughts remain the same.
As I said in my black licorice what they call "wintergreen" review "Friends don't let friends buy juice at Gourmet Vapor. " This juice tasted off. So I figured I would let it steep. I keept coming back to it every couple of months. Well it is almost 2 years later and this ejuice still is off. It has potential the chocolate is interesting. The chocolate is almost as good as Halo's Belgian chocolate but not quite there. It is missing the complexity and some of the creaminess. It is the Raspberries that ruin it. I think Virgin Vapors Pomegranate is what a fruit juice should taste like. Fruit juices should taste like the fruit and have a complexity to them. Instead this juice has a candied like a bad jolly rancher raspberry.

The aspects of the juice do not fuse together. The juice is totally unvapable at 5, 10, and 15 watts. Only at around 20-28 watts does the juice do okay where the chocolate kind of mix with the berries but it is still off.  The TH and vapor is okay at higher wattage but nothing to write home about. I would not recommend this juice to anyone.