The best Chocolate Tobacco by Virgin Vapor with ecoPure xtra xtra strong ejuice

Virgin Vapor is amazing. Their juice makes up a large precent of my current favorites
This chocolate is mind blowing. It is chocolate done right. It took a while to steep to get this amazing flavor. It is a juice you should order and steep for a couple of months if you can. Right out of the mail the juice is okay the chocolate is not quite right and the juice tastes a like alcohol because the flavors are alcohol based at virgin vapors in the non absolute line. So it might need a day or two with the cap off. To get this juice perfect it needs a month or two. Or you can skip the uncapping and give it time like a fine wine if you are able to after a couple of months you will be surprised. 

   If you don't have enough ejuice to let it steep and you want a chocolate that taste great out of the bottle and don't mind it being a little bit dry get the Halo Belgian Chocolate. If you want moist chocolaty goodness go to your local brick and motor like Vape Rev and try it. Some sell it steeped for 1/2 a year like VaperSpot and some sell it steeped for over a year like Vape Rev. The problem with getting virgin vapor at a brick and morter is they have just the flavor in standard strength and with out ecopure. Virgin Vapors has such cheap shipping that it is way better to order it with ecopure and extra extra strong but you will need to wait a bit longer for steeping. 
  I have tons and tons of juice that I keep in a dark corner of my apartment, so steeping takes longer for me then if I shook the bottles every day and left them uncaped next to a fan. I am looking into the ultra sonic cleaner steeping method will get back to you guys when I find out more.
  I have tried thousands of ejuices and tons of chocolates. Almost all chocolates except for this one and the Halo Belgian chocolate range from way off to just a bit off. This one is perfect. It is like bitting into a fine truffle they sell at expensive imported brands or boutique chocolate houses. If you like hersies then you will enjoy this ejuice. But even if you taste for chocolate drives you to those expensive imported chocolates from europe this ejuice will do wonders. It deffenatly taste like top shelf stuff. 
The ecopure adds alot to this juice. I think it adds to the complexity of the light NET and the ecopure create an enjoyable fuzion. I read some negative comments about Virgin Vapor's "The best Dam Tobacco" ejuice in the NET thread at ecf. I think it might be because they did not order it with ecopure or did not let it steep. I have not had the pleasure of trying Virgin's "The best Dam Tobacco" juice personally but I have a strong feeling that I will disagree with what is said about it on ecf.  There is a reason Virgin Vapor inhabits such a large percent in my current favorites list
  I already recorded over a dozen ejuice reviews form virgin vapor. However I got bad audio as I mentioned here. I am vaping them and trying a new format. I hope it works. My goal is to review all of the Virgin Vapor by the end of the year. So please click here or the add on the sidebar of my site so I can get a small percent of your purchase credited to my account. It will not cost you anything more but give me a small percent so I can continue to afford to vape there expensive yet amazing lines. 
   I know virgin vapor is on the pricey side but it is way worth it IMHO and I am sure you will be really impressed like this happy person I recommended virgin vapor to and others. 
You can use this vapor production key to understand this graph above. 
Basically what it is saying is
4.2w The juice was extra sweet and the vapor was not that great, but the juice at that wattage is extra juicy. The ejuice has a massive throat hit at that wattage.
6w The juicyiness went down a bit but the flavor fusion increased alot and the juice preformed way better.
8w The vapor production is amazing and the flavor flavor fusion is increased at this wattage. The juiciness of the vape is a bit down but it is still juicy.
11w Same as above. It is getting amazing.
28w The vapor production is amazing here. The flavor fusion is amazing too. The Juiciness of the the ejuice is a bit lower but it still is juicy. The enjoyment is amazing same with the throat hit at this wattage.

I used a joye evic in the video above. It is really customize able and hooks up to your computer to tell you tons of info. I highly recommend it for low wattage vapers. You can get it here.  I also used the glv 2xl for 28w.  If you end up buying a mod you saw here please click through the links above or the banner on the site which will allow me to enjoy the financial freedom to be able to do more reviews with no cost to you.

I recommend this juice highly. You can get it at Virgin Vapors. If you are a fan of tobacco or chocolate at all I highly recommend trying it. I am placing it on my current favorite ejuice list.