Cool Rotating Stainless Steel Drip Tip I got for my Reo Grand with Reomizer

I got a cool rotating stainless steel drip tip for my Reo Grand and Reomizer. It is a great drip tip for bottom feeder but really doesn't work for dippers because the hole in the center is very narrow. You can see in one of the pics bellow. I have dropped it on the floor over a dozen times since I got it last week. I know I am clumsy. There is a reason i know longer have great glass drip tips like the one from empire mod. They survive a couple hundred falls if they are well made and I am lucky. But for me that is 2-3 months. I am really happy with this drip tip. I got it for under 5 bucks from Fast Tech. Took 3 weeks to get here. After the tracking showed the package hanging out in honk kong for 2 weeks, I was fearful that my package may pull a Snowden. But I got it. Check after the break for more pics.