Crushed Orange Soda Ejuice C2Gvape.com is unvapable

50 PG 50Vg
It seems this company disappeared before the ejuice expired. The orange is very wrong. It tastes like candied orange peels.
     I vaped it on my reo with a reomizer at 8v. See the small dip in he bottle, that is all I could vape of this horrid juice. Not only is the taste way off, ot has a sticky texture where the vapor is sticky and coated my mouth. The total oposite of the citrus virgin vapor sweet summer lemonade. I am going to go more into texture of vapes in the future because I think alot of juices that are on my current favorite list have a texture that is crisp and enjoyable. But I think right now is not the time because the idea need to mature a bit more before presented in a clear relatable mannor in the future. The farthest I went into the idea is in my rewrite of the halo midnight apple. The idea is not mature enough so I am going to try to clarify it in the future.
    I do not recommend this ejuice under any circumstances. There are alot of ejuice on my favorite list that meet most of the criteria of a direct replacement but if you want to go with a citrus soda I really enjoyed Fuzion vapors Hadoken, which has a carbonated lemon lime soda flavor that is unique.