Dill Pickle Moondrop Strange Ejuice Part 3

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24mg 50 pg 50 vg
This juice is surprisingly good. It taste like Dill Pickle flavoring on sunflower seeds. Dill Pickle from Moondrop is moist but not too dry. The flavor is strong but not in your face. This ejuice is better at low wattages.

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Dill Pickle has a unique flavor which I recommend. It is great for low wattage vapors that want a different flavor. Even at 11 w the juice tastes a bit burnt. The throat hit is not that great with this juice. I added some 1/3 of 100 vg 20mg unflavored wta from wholecig and I got amazing throat hit and vapor.
Here is the graph with WTA .

  I highly recommend this ejuice with or with out WTA added. Unflavored WTA from wholecig made the juice no longer burn at 11 watts but with my GLV 2xl it still tasted burt. I am going to add this juice to my current favorites list. It is definitely a different ejuice that is worth checking out.