Drakes Vapes Punky Bruiser ejuice G verision

This is the same review I did here but I heard it is better to go a rated G version in case the latest pic of her is too racy. I think it is safe for work. Sorry if it was not.
24 MG
PG VG ratio is unknown 
This is one of the ejuices I got when I visited Vape Rev. It is unique. It is sweet and sour ejuice with a certain cereal taste. The juice is not too sweet lucky. It is on the juicy side. I don't it is not enjoyable as the tart Virgin Vapor Pomegranate or the Virgin Vapor lemonade but the sourness it posses is almost tart. It is an interesting flavor.

I used a joye evic in the video above. It is really customize able and hooks up to your computer to tell you tons of info. I highly recommend it for low wattage vapers. You can get it here.  I also used the glv 2xl for 28w.  If you end up buying a mod you saw here please click through the links above or the banner on the site which will allow me to enjoy the financial freedom to be able to do more reviews with no cost to you.

This ejuice is named after Punky Brewster. I think this juice reminds me more of what Punky Brewster is now than a cute funny kid in the shows. It is interesting unique flavor. I enjoyed it but there are better ejuices out there IMHO. I recommend trying this ejuice at a brick and mortar. It might be for you but I prefer juices on my current favorite list.