ecig elixir Unflavored WTA ejuice from WholeCig

20 mg 100 VG
   Unflavored WTA ejuice from WholeCig gives an enjoyable slightly sweet crisp earthy field like tobacco taste. The taste is subtle but enjoyable, I like really strong flavors, so I would not usually vape this juice by itself. However for the sake of this review and to understand its complex subtle flavors I have vaped this juice by its self for over a week. I also mixed this juice in the atty with some of my current favorites and Dill Pickle
     The juice has insane throat hit despite this juice being 100 vg. PG usually gives throat hit as I explain in this rant but the WTA in this juice gives an amazing throat hit. If you are not sure about WTA I go into it more with this link but I need to update it
  The flavor is vague but has a crispness that I noticed with ecopure. The slightly sweet earthy field like tobacco is an enjoyable taste. What I mean by field like is the pleasant straw like taste this ejuice has that is common with other enjoyable tobacco ejuices like GoodeJuice's VitaBellaThe ejuice is moist. It moistens dry ejuices and is a pleasure to vape even at extremely high wattage. Let me go through the wattages;

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  I highly recommend Unflavored WTA ejuice from WholeCig. The flavor itself is enjoyable and it makes other ejuices really shine when it is mixed with it. That is why I call it an ecig elixir. It is not too sweet and has crazy vapor and throat hit. 
   WholeCig did an amazing job with the flavor of this WTA. So good that they are doing a different direction than other WTA sellers. They are selling there stuff unflavored and you can add a flavor as you wish. They also are selling flavor bottle of tons of unique flavors. I have 16 of their flavors and I will post reviews on them soon as well as how this WTA makes me feel because it is slightly different from how Aromas WTA make me feel. 
   I vaped the whole bottle of WTA writing this review and I am going to order a big bottle soon. I highly recommend it because vape it straight or add it to your current favorites you can't go wrong with this ejuice. 

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