Halo Turkish Tobacco ejuice generic cigarette flavored vape

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Update They are currently having a 10% off sale. The is link also in useful to see what I thought about the other Halo ejuices in the line.
24MG PG/VG ratio is unknown
There are two different ways to do tobacco ejuice. One is extracting the flavor from tobacco, and the other is to use other means of flavoring. I go into it more in the first paragraph of the Apple Ehookah review. Halo Turkish Tobacco uses flavors from non tobacco sources so is not a natural extraction (NET). I really did not like Prime 15 from Halo. I think GoodeJuices Apple Ehookah has a more enjoyable tobacco but I got this ejuice after I was pleasantly surprised after I tasted it at Vape Rev. I did not know realize that Halo always has sales and they give me a precent from the traffic I send them so please use a link like this or the one on my side bar if you want to give me the financial freedom to do more ejuice reviews at no cost to you :)

Halo Turkish Tobacco tastes to me like a generic analog. It is not moist or dry. It gives a earthy and lightly straw flavored smoke taste that is very enjoyable. It taste like you are smoking an analog, instead of licking the ash tray like some of the tobaccos that did not work for me taste.  Because it is not a NET it preforms solid over time and does not guck up the atty like Vapenstien's London. If you miss the taste of your analogs and don't want other flavors like GoodieJuice's amazing Apple Hookah ejuice, or the trouble of the NETs that are on my current favorite list this juice is the one you want IMHO. The taste is not as amazing as others but it is just simple and enjoyable. If you are expecting an amazing base for a non net and want some fruit with it go with Apple Hookah from GoodieJuice. If you want insane apple flavor you should go with Halo's Midnight Tobacco. If you want more complete tobacco notes than non NET's can offer I would go with one of the NET in my curent favorites. The base of this juice is great. It is the same base that one of my current favorites Hallo's Midnight Apple uses.

I used a vamo in the video above I like the interface and that it can go to 1/3 higher wattage then the other vw mods out there. For people that prefer controls and read out to power and have a bit more to spend check out the review I did with the evic. You can the vamo here and the evic here.  I also used the glv 2xl for 28w. If you end up buying a mod you saw here please click through the links above or the banner on the site which will allow me to enjoy the financial freedom to be able to do more reviews with no cost to you. You can get Halo's Tobbaco ejuice here or you can use the halo link from the bottom of the page. "Halo Turkish isn't like other tobaccos, it's gotta be tasted to be believed" said spyralspyder a fan of this ejuice. I also highly recommend Halo's Midnight Apple or Halo's Belgian Chocolate