Hangsen Hotdog Strange Ejuice for Ecig's Part 4

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24 mg 80 pg 20 vg
   Hangsen Hotdog juice is subpar. The smell is terrible. When I burped it smelled really bad. One of the rules of vaping is to not vape meat. I disregard the rules because I still remember the stupid rule not to go above 12 w. Almost every ecig I have proves them wrong. This ejuice taste like ketchup and a meat. When vaping the juice smells okay. I don't think it is worth it when you smell the juice with out heat. At that time this ejuice smells worse then bad hotdog water. The flavor is a bit vague. The ejuice is moist but not too dry.
I changed the chart a bit see if you like the changes. Mostly I changed it from sweetness to the correct sweetness level and lowered the number of wattages I am putting the juice through. I used a 3.5 ohm cisco and it messed with how I do reviews normally sorry hope the chart is easy to read. Hope this ejuice sonic cleans out of my atty
   I would not recommend this juice other then to use as a joke or novelty. It is just 2 bucks at fast tech so it might be worth it to you to try it out.  Moon Droop's Pickle was amazing. It even made my current favorite list. I would try that or even Dekang's Ketchup before this juice.