Heather Heavenly Vapes Gandalf aka Legend Purity aka Flower Extract

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I really wanted to like this vape. Lots of people that I respect really like this juice. But I can't stand it. Gandalf which name was changed the Lengend in the Purty line taste like a flower extract to me and destroyed my attys.  I tried it at different wattages on two different devices. It taste the same. In hours of using this ejuice it killed a brand new cisco atty similar to this one that lasted months. I caught it on video which you can see below.
  The performance of this juice is sub par. There was no mystery nut when vaping this juice. The tobacco notes are subtle. There is a slight sweetness to this juice before the flower flavor ruins it. I would highly recommend skipping this ejuice. If you want a good slightly sweet NET tobacco I would go with Vita Bella not this atty killer flowery ejuice.